Our Chosen Charity - Dorset Air Ambulance

Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance has been saving lives across the county since 2000.

Since its launch in March 2000, the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance has flown nearly 12,000 lifesaving missions – and during the busier, summer months can attend a jaw-dropping eight or nine incidents a day! 

Their amazing response time means they can be at any place in the two counties in less than 20 minutes of receiving an emergency call – and more importantly can take a patient to any one of the Major Trauma Centres in the South West within a further 20 minutes. These extra minutes can make the difference between life and death.

With no direct Government or National Lottery funding, they rely entirely on the generosity of the public for support. Here at Wyke Dorset Cottages, we are in awe of the incredible work they do and so we’ll be working with them as our nominated charity.

We’ve set up a scheme, whereby you are able to add £2 to the payment of your holiday and we will pass on, in full, the total amount raised to the charity. We’ve set what we think is a fairly modest target of £2,000 and we hope, with your support, to raise even more to help keep Dorset’s Air Ambulance flying.