London inspires Swanage to get running

Inspired by this weekends London marathon runners and the promise of a beautiful blue sky in Swanage, I thought I'd try my hand (or foot!) at running a few miles. With fewer crowds and slightly different sights to London (but still as stunning), I grabbed my trainers and set off. My sister and her boyfriend in tow, we set off from Priests Road and down in to town. At that time we only passed a few people; a couple enjoying brunch at deli/cafe 'Love Cake', local businesses setting up for the days trade, new restaurant 'G-Whites' getting ready for those hungry tourists and locals. We continued passed the pier and up towards Peveril Point. We slowed down to take in the stunning views out towards Harry's Rocks and continued up hill. The legs were burning a bit on the incline but onwards and upwards we went. Things were getting busier up at Durlston Castle as we continued along the South West Coastal Path. As we ran three...four...five miles, we passed lots of dog walkers and walking groups out enjoying the weather, wildlife watchers and families enjoying a picnic in the sunshine.

The weather and scenery was perfect for outside activities and ideal for exploring this part of the country. Everyone was in high spirits, opening the gates for us and shouting morning greetings! We passed climbers and abseilers at Dancing Ledge but still we continued on. Stopping for a few selfies we started to realise we really should have been more prepared with water supplies and sun lotion. At seven and a half miles (!) along the coast we thought it acceptable to turn and start the journey back home for breakfast! The temperature continued to rise and the sun shone beautifully. The ocean glistened like glass as we imagined that glass of ice cold water...or orange juice ice lolly! And we powered through. Happy to be back at Peveril Point, our enthusiasm for refreshments drove us home. Back through town the crowds had appeared in their shorts and t-shirts and carrying their buckets and spades down to the beach.

15 miles in total, we were very happy with our morning achievement. How lucky I felt to be able to take in such scenery straight from my front door and have no shortage of running routes to explore.

Well done to all the london runners this weekend. A great inspiration for us amateurs. Look out Bournemouth Marathon in October!

Ginny Kay


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