Discover Dorset's Bottoms!

Dorset is blessed with beautiful villages and hamlets whose names might bring a smile to your face (or even cause you to titter!)

What's a visit to Dorset without a trip out to Scratchy Bottom, Happy Bottom or Knights in the Bottom? You could set yourself an itinerary to order a pint of Piddle in Belchawell , have a well-earned rest in Droop and then spend some money in Sixpenny Handley (having visited Fortuneswell en route). Then, a short relax in Knacker's Hole and if you need a comfort break, you could try Tincleton or Piddletrenthide. If the weather's not so good, drop by Warmwell for a cup of coffee and then, if you really want a big grin and an old-fashioned laugh, call in at the village dubbed the "most embarrassing place to live" - Shitterton (yes, it really does exist!)

Let us know if you come across any other place names that make you giggle and if you want to know where any of these places are for a photo opportunity, give us a call!

Nadine Evans


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