Dorset Knob Throwing Festival

Here in Dorset we have a few quirky festivals, none more so than the Dorset Knob Throwing and Food Festival which will take place on Sunday 1st May in Maiden Newton, near Dorchester.

A Dorset Knob is a round, hard savoury biscuit, made by Moores Biscuits near Bridport; the only manufacturer of Dorset Knobs in the Universe! They get their name from their alleged resemblance to a Dorset Button (a style of button made since 1650). There are two main ways to eat a Dorset Knob; soak them in sweet tea or eat them with Dorset Blue Vinney cheese. However, us canny folk in Dorset have developed even more interesting ways of enjoying a Dorset Knob. At the Dorset Knob Throwing and Food Festival you can play Knob Darts and Knob Archery, pin the Knob on the Cerne Abbas Giant (not for the faint-hearted), whack the knob, enter the Knob-athlon, guess the weight of the Knob, eat as many Knobs as you can and of course throw the Knob.

The World Record for Knob throwing is 29.4 metres and there are 8 main rules so you may want to practice before the big day!

So, how about booking one of our properties with a large garden to get that practice in: The Old Dairy House in Arne has a massive garden so you could definitely try for the World Record or Field House in Harmans Cross has a garden big enough for a group practice. Flat 8 Summer Lodge is close to North beach if you want to try it out in the sand, or how about throwing the Knob in the countryside in your stay at Spinners Hatch, close to where the action takes place in Maiden Newton.

As you can see from the photo of Ronnie, our Property Manager's son enjoying a good old whacking of the Knob, this is a great family day out!

Nadine Evans


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