Dorset County Show

Who would have known that guessing the amount of Dorset Knobs in a casket could cause such frivolity and discussion?

Over 100 people came to our stand at the recent Dorset County Show and only one person got it spot on! Well done to Mark Grant-Jones who guessed we’d put 83 knobs into the casket (and not eaten any during the two day show!)

Kelly Lane, our property manager, said: “Guesses ranged from 55 to 137and some families took quite a few minutes trying to count them all. We were asked if they were all whole or if the casket had a false bottom and even if they were all the same size”! If you’re not sure what a Dorset Knob is, have a look at our Blog on the 18th April where you can find out what they are and what we do with them here in delightful Dorset!  

Mark Grant-Jones said “I was surprised and ecstatic to win the prize and enjoyed talking with Ginny, your Marketing Co-ordinator  about how my Company can let people know about letting their properties through Wyke Dorset Cottages“. Mark Grant-Jones, of South Coast Alarms won a £50 Amazon Voucher and we hope that he has a great time spending it!

Throughout the 2 days we had a great time handing out balloons and talking with lots of people about holidaying in Dorset.  We also met with people who are thinking about letting their properties through us for the holiday market in Dorset. If you would like to talk with someone about this possibility you can ring our team during office hours and we can give you more information on how we could work with you.


Nadine Evans


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