The land that time forgot

If you love exploring the great outdoors, then you will love Tyneham Village and Worbarrow Bay

Hidden away and only accessible via the army range roads at certain times, nestles the tiny village of Tyneham .The village was evacuated in 1943 during the WWII after the government claimed the land as a training ground for allied forces. Originally the villagers were told this would be a temporary move, but sadly they were never allowed to return and it remains property of the M.O.D.

Tyneham Bay
Tyneham Bay

Today you can wander through the atmospheric remains of the cottages, many of which have been cleared of undergrowth and have informative plaques describing who the original inhabitants were. The village church and school house are still intact, you can even peruse the children’s names still on the pegs and school work on their desks.

From the village take the woodland path that leads down to the sea and Worbarrow Bay. A stunning section of the Jurassic coastline with a shallow bay and the water is often very clear.

Access to the village and bay are only open certain days of the year, normally on a weekend when the army aren’t using the firing range.

I love walking down to the beach out of season, it’s roughly a one mile flat walk and the paths aren’t usually muddy. Dogs are allowed all year round and you don’t have to go far to get a bit of beach to yourself. Remember to keep an eye out for fossils!

Kelly Lane


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