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Our Favourite Days Out with Animals

Written by Katie Bessant on

Our Reservations & Admin Assistant, Natalie - Wildlife at Arne RSPB Nature Reserve

If you're visiting Dorset there is an abundance of beautiful wildlife to enjoy here, why not take the time to visit Arne RSPB Nature Reserve?

Arne has an array of animals and is home to many rare species living in the varied habitats. Some of which include Woodlarks and Nightjars, smooth snakes, tiger beetles and the silver-studded blue butterfly.

As well as the heath, there are beautiful ancient oak woodlands to enjoy, salt marshes and even sandy beaches!

The reserve also runs a variety of events throughout the year and has a fabulous café where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea and a bite to eat after exploring the stunning surroundings.

Arne Nature Reserve
Arne Nature Reserve

Deer at Arne Nature Reserve
Deer at Arne Nature Reserve

Our Senior Administration & Admin Assistant, Tracy - Monkey World

What a wonderful place to visit for children and grown-ups alike.

Enter the amazing world of these varied beautiful monkeys of all shapes and sizes, enjoy seeing them in a really natural environment. The work that the founders and staff have done at the rescue centre is truly fantastic, taking those wonderful creatures away from dangerous and completely unsuitable situations for their own safety and well-being, giving them the lovely free relaxed life that they deserve.

Many of the monkeys that are at the centre and some of them have been there quite a long time, have developed their own personalities, you can find information about all the monkeys at their individual locations, telling you all about their characteristics where they came from, how old they are and how long they have been there. There is also a wonderful opportunity to be able to sponsor one of the monkeys to help with their welfare and also contribute to the continuation of this amazing conservation work being carried out.

I have so enjoyed taking my children to see all of the primates at the centre and now love taking my grandchildren there, they love the interaction that the monkeys give, one of them took a great liking to the lovely orange colour of my eldest grandson’s hair!! As my grandson, who is called Charlie ran up and down, the monkey, who was also called Charlie, followed him tapping on the glass at him and looking as though he was smiling at him, they spent ages playing this game together.

At the centre, there is a huge emphasis on the monkeys having as natural life as is possible and they work very hard to achieve this. They have also thought about our own ‘little monkeys’ by providing an ever-growing outdoor play area and also an indoor soft play area too. It is such a lovely walk around seeing all the monkeys, some of which are swinging about above your head as you wander through, there is a great covered outdoor picnic area should you want to take your own feast with you, alternatively there is a great café where you can get a drink and something to eat too.

The visit to Monkey World would not be complete without a visit to the shop on the way out to grab your primate-based goodies, take home your own little monkey or the all-important fridge magnet!!! Whatever you decide to take away with you, it will remind you of the wonderful day you had with these amazingly intelligent primates. 

Our Guest Services Assistant, Cleome - Llama Drama

When visiting Dorset there are so many sights and things to do, but one of the most unique is exploring the Dorset countryside with UK Llamas. The lovely people at this company offer an amazing experience where you can walk and trek with their herd of Llamas and Alpacas.

These guided walks give you the opportunity to view the surrounding natural beauty of Beaminster, whilst getting to know each of the special characters you’ll be walking with. Each Llama and Alpaca has such a personality and are guaranteed to capture your heart!

If you are visiting Dorset then why not stay in one of our cottages and come check out the herd!

UK Llamas
UK Llamas

Seagull on rockpool
Seagull on rockpool

Our Property and Guest Services Assistant, Wendy - Rockpool Recce

As the tide goes out at Broad Ledge in Lyme Regis, rock pools reveal their treasure. Free to all just don your wellies and head for the beach at low tide. Who knows what you might discover in an afternoon!

The Jurassic shale and limestone rocks host a variety of marine inhabitants. Take a scramble over the rocks fortunately, not too weedy to the pool filled ledges. Gently turn over the boulders to reveal their water secrets. Remember to replace carefully to the original position so as not to disturb.


Find immovable limpets (Patella Vulgate) and various species of Topshell grazing on algae. You might spy a velvet Swimming Crab with bright red eyes and black legs or orange tentacled Beadlet Anemonies like blobs of jelly or maybe Calcaerous red seaweed, brittle to the touch.


It’s dangerous in there – carnivore Dogwelks feast on others by drilling through their shells. Or maybe you’ll spot a squatter Hermit Crab busying seeking a new shell home. Oh and don’t forget the Iodine rich Bladder Wrack famous for its built-in buoyancy aids. Good for your health too!!

Look Out!!

Look out sea creatures – take cover in the nearest pool. Look out rock poolers when you tire – take cover in the nearest ice cream shop – the gulls are on the prowl!

Tomorrow’s another day – it’s all change at the rock pool!

Katie Bessant

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