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To find your perfect cottage

Search using the 'Search' box   

You can use this to search for your perfect holiday property with us here in Dorset.  Initially you can either view a list of all our properties or restrict this by where you want to go, when you want to visit and/or who is going to be coming with you.  You can then refine it even further, edit or narrow your initial criteria. You will always know what criteria you have selected because these are displayed in the bar at the top of the page.  You can alter the order in which the results are listed by using the drop down box above the search listing.  You can also switch to map view by clicking 'map'.

If you know the property you want to book

If you already know which property you want to book then use the 'Property search' box at the very top of the homepage to find this and either type in the property number (e.g. WY346) or the Property name or part of the name.   

Select a property by style of property, location, type of holiday, special offers etc.

This could include viewing: pet friendly properties, special offers, properties with sea views or larger holiday homes. As always, we are at the end of the phone if you would like more information.