Discover the delights of Dorset

Why choose Wyke Dorset Cottages?

Highest booking levels

We have a large, constantly updated database of customers and enquirers who we send carefully targeted information to, and attract new ones through multiple websites and other activity as explained in our How we promote your property section.

This results in exposure to a large number of holidaymakers, and results in the highest booking levels in the business.

Best income

When you combine high booking levels with our competitive commission rates, the results for you as a homeowner is high income, and great value.

Unrivalled service and support

Whether you choose our Marketing and Booking Service or Bespoke Managed Service, you will enjoy unrivalled service from us. We’ve built our business by always doing our best for homeowners and for customers, and that’s why so many of our owners stay with us for years and years.

Unrivalled experience

Wyke Dorset Cottages is an independent family business that started over 30 years ago. We’ve grown a lot since the early days of letting our first self catering holiday cottages, but our promise to provide the very best service to homeowners and the best holiday experience for our guests – as well as a fantastic range of great places to stay – hasn’t changed one bit. As every year goes by our experience continues to grow.

Local, friendly, knowledgeable staff

There are six of us in the local team at Wyke Dorset Cottages, taking bookings, making recommendations, managing properties and marketing locally. As we are part of The Original Cottage Company, we are backed up by a much larger team of marketing and IT specialists based in Norfolk, with enormous expertise in website design, search engine optimisation, and online marketing.

Our local office is in Swanage, which means we are close to each of our properties, and visit and inspect them regularly so we can usually answer any questions guests may have.

It also means that everyone in the office knows Dorset really well and can make personal recommendations for guests that are based on our collective knowledge. Only a truly local agent can do that for you.

If you choose our Bespoke Managed Service, we can manage your property and have someone on site very quickly if need be. We have maintenance teams nearby who can respond to your needs very quickly too – and we know them personally so we know they will do a good job. That’s something you won’t get with a national agency with offices that are hundreds of miles from Dorset.

A partnership we value

Letting properties is a partnership between the owner, the agent, and in many cases, the housekeeper. We understand and value the contribution each of us makes to this partnership, and work hard to get it right – that’s why our homeowners stay with us, some for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being friendly, pleasant and easy to work with, as well as knowledgeable and professional.

Extended hours phone line

Customers often book and pay online on our websites, but sometimes they want to talk to us.

Our booking line is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday, and 11am to 3pm on Sunday – so we are there when needed, and can take more bookings.

Our Swanage office will take the calls during its opening hours between 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Saturday.

When the office is closed, or if all our lines are busy, your call will be answered by our friendly Sales Support Team in Norfolk, who will take bookings, answer queries or ensure the customer receives a call back from the local Swanage team, if required.

The next step

Whether you’re considering investing in a holiday property, part-way through building works or renovation, or have a property ready to let, we are always more than happy to discuss your requirements and answer any queries you may have. It’s usually better for us to meet you at your property so we can provide pricing information and advice, but we would be happy for you to drop in to see us or meet elsewhere if that suits you better.

Our unrivalled experience allows us to offer informed and honest income projections, suggestions for property improvements, letting guidance and a full assessment of your property’s potential. We will never promise unrealistic income projections to encourage you to join us. We’re in this for the long term and hope you will be too.

We are more than happy to talk things through with you, for free and with absolutely no ties. Call us on 01929 422776, email us on or pop into our Swanage office - you can be assured of a warm welcome and some great advice. We look forward to hearing from you.